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This week in Jerusalem
May 22, 2014 15:59
Peggy Cidor’s round-up of city affairs.

The old city as a stage. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Whose wall it is anyway?

The Small Western Wall (Hakotel Hakatan), which goes through the Old City’s Muslim Quarter, is considered to be the closest in proximity to the Second Temple’s Holy of Holies. Yet despite its religious importance, the place is full of garbage and has become, over the years, a favorite substitute for public toilets. Earlier this week, following a visit to the site, MK and Knesset Interior Committee head Miri Regev expressed her indignation about the filth she found there. At issue in the debate is whether maintenance of the site is the municipality’s responsibility, as it is a public location. However, since it is a considered a holy site, at least part of the responsibility is in the hands Rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy Sites Shmuel Rabinowitz. A municipality representative agreed to take care of the site, but Regev decided not to take any risk and announced at the end of the meeting that she would come again, on the eve of Jerusalem Day, to see for herself whether things had improved.


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