Gazelle Valley: Park or reserve?

April 16, 2016 00:17

The Gazelle Park was originally conceived of and fought for through one of the city’s most successful and inspiring struggles of residents.

The Gazelle Valley

The Gazelle Valley looks peaceful and welcoming, yet the situation on the ground is not nearly as tranquil. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

On a sunny Friday afternoon last month, a group of middle-aged women made their way to the Gazelle Park to celebrate a birthday over a tasty picnic while watching the graceful gazelles wandering across the woods.

At the entrance of the park, a team of instructors, inspectors and employees of the municipal park greeted them and provided them with a lot of information on the place, including a detailed and colorful map of the whole park. There were nicely arranged areas for picnics throughout the park, thoughtfully situated under shade trees, and even stones to secure a picnic tablecloth from the wind.


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