A booming business
Despite the significant drop in income and clientele at the various malls in the city due to Operation Protective Edge, the recently renovated Hadar Mall in Talpiot had 97 percent occupancy in August, or about 20,000 visitors per day. There was a 160% increase in revenue in the stores.

The mall underwent a NIS 100 million renovation that included the addition of one and a half stories to the building and 900 more parking spaces.

Tzilla, to be or not to be?

Tzilla – the Hebrew acronym for afternoon programs in preschools, kindergartens and grades 1 and 2 – became a real suspense story for parents in the last week of August. Following an announcement by the municipal Education Department and the Jerusalem Parents’ Association, an agreement was signed by the preschool teachers and the municipality to run the after-school programs at reduced prices.


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