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Compromise or conflict
March 7, 2017 10:52
After the violence in Umm al-Hiran that claimed two lives, can the state push through Beduin resettlement in the Negev?

Police in Umm-al-Hiran. (photo credit:Courtesy)

A week after security forces clashed violently with residents of Umm al- Hiran, tensions in the unrecognized Beduin village remained high. The anger in the air was palpable as locals and visitors congregated in the mourning tent for Yaqoub Musa Abu al-Qiyan, shot dead by police during protests as bulldozers moved in to begin demolishing the ramshackle settlement.

Police say al-Qiyan purposely rammed and killed an officer, Staff Sgt.-Maj. Erez Levi. Security authorities said after the incident that al-Qiyan was a member of the southern branch of the Islamic Movement and may have been inspired by Islamic State. However, local Beduin and Arab MKs reject the police version of events, saying he lost control of his vehicle after being shot and only then crashed into the officer.


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