Anti-Semitism in America

May 13, 2014 11:41

The purveyors of Jew hatred – or any other hatred – must be confronted.

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attack jews

Members of the US National Socialist Movement salute during a neo-Nazi rally in Kansas City on the 75th anniversary of the Kristallnacht attack on Jews in Germany. (photo credit: DAVE KAUP / REUTERS)

IT WASN’T that long ago that Jews in America felt more comfortable and secure than ever before. Jew hatred finally seemed to be a thing of the past. Polls conducted by the Anti-Defamation League showed a marked decline in the number of Americans holding anti-Semitic views, from 29 percent of the population in 1964 to 12 percent in 1998.

Some Jewish leaders even predicted at the time that Jewish defense organizations such as the ADL had served their purpose and would soon go out of business.


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