Lithuania ’s deceit

The fascist butchers of their Jewish civilian countrymen are war criminals no matter how ‘anti-Soviet’ they were

April 10, 2013 13:44
Dovid Katz

Dovid Katz521. (photo credit: Richard Schofield)

The Museum of Genocide Victims is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lithuania. It’s also a disingenuous attempt to divert attention away from the sizable role Lithuanians played in the Holocaust, while portraying the local population as victims rather than perpetrators.

Located in Vilnius, the national capital, the museum is just around the corner from a giant statue of a guitar-playing John Lennon entitled “Imagine.” But whereas the utopian Beatles song tries to imagine a world with a better and different future, the museum curators try to fantasize a national history with a better and different past – one that omits or downplays Lithuanian collaboration in the Holocaust.


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