Mini Me is telling the world about a new “mini” grant fund for young Jewish leaders.

In an online video filmed at Mini Israel, actor Verne Troyer, best known for playing Dr. Evil’s diminutive protégé Mini Me in the Austin Powers film series, explained how the ROI Community of Young Jewish Innovators’ $100,000 microgrants fund can make a difference in Jewish communities around the world.

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Within 12 hours of posting the video on its website Wednesday, ROI received five applications for grants from the new fund – two from Israel, two from the US, and one from Latin America. The microgrants fund will give recipients chosen from ROI’s network of young people up to $1,000 to travel to conferences, participate in special courses or training exercises, sponsor events, or pay for corporate services such as graphic design and media relations that are needed for initiatives. ROI is open to suggestions from program participants about other types of grants, said No’a Gorlin, the group’s grants manager.

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