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Five killed in an explosion in Egypt's Nile Delta
At least five people were killed and more than 100 hurt in an explosion at a security building in Egypt's Nile Delta town of Dakahlyia on Tuesday, state media and a security source said.

"It is still unclear what caused the explosion, but it seems to be a big one that led to the collapse of parts of the security building in Dakahlyia and we are expecting many injuries and potential deaths," the source said.

Another security source said the blast may have been caused by a car bomb, but it was not yet clear if it was suicide attack or not.

State TV said five people were killed and more than 100 hurt. It said two top security officials were among the injured.

Egypt's Nile News TV cut into its late-night programming to urge people to go to hospitals to donate blood to the victims of the attack, which it described as the worst in the city's history.

Attacks on soldiers and policemen have sharply risen in Egypt since the Egyptian army ousted elected Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in July in the face of mass unrest against his rule.

Most of the attacks have occurred in the Sinai, which borders Israel and the Palestinian Gaza Strip. Around 200 soldiers have died in Sinai alone since Morsi's ouster.
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