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Photo by: Reuters
Protesters rally outside Kerry's hotel for Pollard's release
Demonstrators attempt to appeal to visiting top US diplomat to free Pollard as part of peace process.
Demonstrators rallied outside of visiting US Secretary of State John Kerry's hotel in Jerusalem Thursday evening, calling for the release from of Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard, who has been incarcerated in an American jail for the past 29 year.

Protesters chanted slogans and held placards, some depicting former US secretaries of state.

Kerry arrived to the region on Thursday for his 10th round of shuttle diplomacy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian peace process that resumed in July.

A recent debate has emerged over reports of the possibility of Pollard's release as part of a peace deal in return for the release of Israeli-Arab security prisoners.

On Wednesday, US administration officials clarified to their Israeli counterparts that there is "no chance" that US President Barack Obama would be willing to free Pollard as part of the peace process, Israel Radio reported on Wednesday.
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