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Photo by: PANET.CO.IL
Vandals attempt arson, spray 'Arabs leave' on Umm Al-Fahem mosque
Graffiti sprayed on walls, door of mosque burned in suspected price tag attack in northern Israel; police investigating.
In a suspected price tag attack, the door of a mosque in the Arab village of Umm El-Fahem in northern Israel was lit on fire and burned down, police said on Friday.

Vandals also sprayed graffiti on the building, writing "Arabs leave."

Police were investigating the incident.

Earlier this month, The tires of over 40 vehicles were slashed in the Arab village of Jish in the Upper Galilee, also in a suspected "price tag" attack.

A nearby wall was spray-painted with graffiti that read: "Only goyim are turned out of our country."

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