A vanished Jewish community: Remembering the Jews of Tianjin

The Museum of Modern Art in Tianjin serve as a step toward commemorating the Jewish men and women – war refugees and children born there – who once passed through Tianjin.

July 14, 2016 14:05
Chinese Jews

The Museum of Modern History in Tianjin . (photo credit: THE MUSEUM OF MODERN HISTORY IN TIANJIN)

Israel Gal is CEO of Acoustiguide, a company specializing in multimedia content for museums and tour sites. He’s also an extraordinary history buff. When he comes across an intriguing topic, he makes it into a personal project.

Gal had read about the World War II diaries of Warsaw’s zookeepers, Antonina and Jan Zabinski. The couple sheltered Jews and resistance fighters in empty animal cages. He acquired the copyright to the diaries, had them translated into Hebrew, and made the couple’s story famous in Israel’s schools and cultural centers. For this contribution to Polish culture in Israel, Gal was awarded the Polish Knight’s Cross Order of Merit.


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