An odyssey of discovery

July 13, 2017 19:50

Two couples – in different decades and on different continents – undergo an intense journey to love.

2 minute read.

international journey

A letter and a stamp send one couple on an international journey. (photo credit: Courtesy)

It’s a mystery. It’s an adventure story. It’s a series of the most unexpected, shocking and moving surprises.

The Lost Letter
, by Jillian Cantor, is about two simultaneous tales. One deals with the fears of a Jewish family living in a tiny, remote town in Austria in 1938, who in their small way fight the Nazis. The other concerns a woman living in Los Angeles 50 years later who uncovers a secret, which eventually leads her to return to her Jewish roots.

This novel is about serendipity and a man and a woman who follow leads unwaveringly until their efforts bear fruit, bringing joy into the lives of others. But, most of all, at the center of the novel are two beautiful love stories involving two seemingly star-crossed couples, whose love overcomes all obstacles.


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