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The two faces of a street artist

March 13, 2014 19:39

Vandals or socially conscious, anonymous or claiming celebrity – the duality of the street artist community in Israel is always evolving.

Rami Meiri

Rami Meiri. (photo credit:LEIGH CUEN)

Israel’s street art scene is riddled with duality.

It is a world of unknown celebrities and illegal art that is celebrated by embassies, municipalities and museums. Over the past decade it has emerged as a street art powerhouse that even rivals the culture capital of New York City. The street art scenes of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Safed offer a window to a local culture that’s fused with international influences; a rising creative industry where some of its most prominent artists still struggle to survive. And the evolution of street art – from humble beginnings to a center of groundbreaking creativity – is an example of the unique complexities of life in Israel.


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