Yachimovich’s Labor of love

The peace process is not a top priority for the most popular candidate to lead Labor. The Labor MK’s focus on domestic issues is attracting voters that have already concluded that an agreement is unobtainable for now.

January 24, 2011 15:56
4 minute read.
sheli yehimovich at Herzliya conference 298

sheli yehimovich 298. (photo credit: Ori Porat)

One of the most intriguing results of last week’s split in the Labor Party was the follow-up polling on whom voters would prefer to see replacing Defense Minister Ehud Barak at the party’s helm. Of the current likely candidates, the person whom polls showed bringing the party most seats was Sheli Yachimovich - a first-term MK who has devoted her brief time in office exclusively to economic and social issues.

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