Why was a ton of matza delivered to the US Army in France during World War I

It was sent to the ‘gangsters’ in the 77th Division

April 17, 2014 17:19
world war i

Packing a shipment of matzot on April 9, 1919 for the 77th division for men of Jewish faith in the American Expeditionary Force for Passover, at Warehouse No. 40, Q.M.C. Depot, St. Denis (France). (photo credit: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS)

The Jewish tradition of eating matza on Passover is so profound that the armed services of several countries provide Passover supplies to their soldiers even at the front. That’s the practice in Israel, for sure, but the archives of several libraries provide pictures of Jewish soldiers observing Passover in the British and American armies during World War I, almost 100 years ago.

Still, when I saw a picture of approximately one ton of matzot sent to American forces in France, I wondered why so much was necessary.


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