When the Jewish State violates Jewish rights

It’s long past time to end Israel’s disgraceful ban on Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.

October 16, 2012 12:38
Orthodox Jews look out Temple Mount

Orthodox Jews look out Temple Mount. (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)

Five men were arrested over the Succot holiday for the “crime” of trying to pray at Judaism’s holiest site. Regardless of their guilt or innocence (some deny the charge), the fact that these arrests elicited so little outrage shows that something is terribly wrong in Israel. After all, one of the state’s raisons d’etre was to provide Jews with the basic freedoms and protections other countries so often denied them. Yet here is the state itself depriving Jews of a fundamental freedom, and few even seem to care.

As Rabbi Yuval Cherlow pointed out recently, denying Jews the right to pray at their holiest site grossly violates their freedom of religion, making the silence of our “human rights” organizations unconscionable. “Anyone who doesn't fight for freedom of worship on Temple Mount,” he correctly noted, “is not a true advocate of human rights.”


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