Wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Campaigns that don “humanitarian” or “liberal” guises are essentially anti-Semitic in nature.

February 17, 2013 13:15
Pro-Palestinian protesters hold a banner

PRO-PALESTINIAN protesters hold a banner 390. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Are we seeing “humanitarian” anti-Semitism applied against Israel? That is to say, a campaign to delegitimize and eradicate Israel for being the Jewish state by creating a Palestinian nationalism in its place, a campaign that hides its anti-Semitic nature by dressing up in humanitarian clothes. Or are we seeing a campaign to destroy Israel disguised in liberal language?

The perception is familiar. The dire “plight” of the Palestinians has gained resonance, even as Arabs living in disputed territories prosper and live safely, compared with their brethren in Syria, Egypt, Yemen, and many other places. Just drive from Jerusalem down to the Dead Sea and you will find yourself sharing the road with Palestinian cars, many of them more expensive models than yours. You will also witness the massive construction of luxury homes and new apartment buildings for Palestinian Arabs that never make headlines or shown in photo-shots. It spoils the editorial image of the conflict.


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