An official from Hamas said that the Islamist group would agree to a ceasefire, effective from Sunday evening, if Israel agrees to halt air strikes on the Gaza Strip, Channel 10 news reported.

According to the report, the deal was brokered by Egyptians in an attempt to return calm to the region, which has seen a spasm of violence in the past number of days after a multistage attack was carried out by terrorists along the Israeli-Egyptian border Thursday.

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IDF strikes Hamas military installations in Gaza

Israel has not commented on the alleged ceasefire offer from Hamas, and it was not immediately clear if the agreement would go into effect Sunday night as proposed.

Only a number of hours earlier, the IAF launched air strikes on Hamas military installations in the northern and southern parts of the Gaza Strip. The strikes were in retaliation for the continuing rocket fire from Gaza into population centers in southern Israel, including Beersheba and Ashdod.

Nine Israelis and at least 30 Palestinians have been killed in the spike of violence that began with the multistage attack last Thursday.