From north to south, the Israeli coastline is 190 kilometers long and is in high demand in the real-estate market. Prices of seaside apartments are generally quite expensive, but there are still reasonable alternatives to the pricey apartments in Tel Aviv and surrounding areas.

Hadera, for instance, is located only 15 km. from Netanya, or 50 km. from Tel Aviv. It is currently undergoing a huge building project along the coastline, with hard-to-beat prices in the Ein Hayam neighborhood. This is a nice alternative for young families who want the luxury of living on the beach without the massive price tag.

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Projects like the new upscale Aqua Boutique are only a half-hour commute to Tel Aviv.

“Ein Hayam is one of the last untouched pieces of land designated for residential areas along the coast.”

said Eran Barak, vice president of marketing at the Amram Avraham building firm. “Young couples have already seen the potential in this neighborhood and have bought apartments in the early stages of the project. In the next stage, we are launching new buildings for those who are looking for luxury apartments.”

Alongside the quick building development, the educational system in Hadera is also expanding and boasts Mofet, one of the best schools in the Sharon. The schools in the area are growing and flourishing due to the increased number of new families moving in.

By 2020, Hadera is expected to be home to a large industrial park providing jobs in hi-tech and various other fields. Other projects include a boardwalk along the beach, new hotels and a Cinema City movie theater.

Einat Zakaria, CEO of The Promised Land website, is helping her clients buy into the Ein Hayam neighborhood by combining their purchasing power to secure a better price.

“There is no doubt that Hadera is the best opportunity out there for those who want to live near the Mediterranean Sea,” she said. “In a neighborhood that is still developing, this is a wise investment.”

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