'We create something new on something old'

This year, every big artist is going back to essential Israeli sounds.

Eyal Golan
Photo by: Hadad Eliran
The headline sound familiar? If you read our cover story, you’ll recognize that this is The Young Professionals’ tagline. Interestingly, this slogan also perfectly encapsulates what has been popular this year in the world of Israeli music. It seems like every big album this year, whether from a megastar or an emerging artist, is going back to essential Israeli sounds.

According to Nadav Menuhin, editor and music writer for Walla! News, even the big name Israeli artists have more classic touches this year. Interestingly Mizrahi singer Eyal Golan, perhaps the current king of Israeli pop, went against the typical, loud, emotional sounds of Mizrahi pop in recent years. Instead, his new album Nagat li Balev (You touched my heart) takes from older Middle Eastern pop music, with gentler, quieter songs. Menuhin believes “he came back to his origins.” Additionally, Menuhin claims that Golan’s most recent album was, “smarter, better produced, and had better lyrics” than before, and hopes this will be the beginning of a new trend in Mizrahi pop music.

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