A Stage for Culture

An informal jam session in Acre that blossomed into a series of live concerts is livening up the formerly sleepy town.

Jazz concert [illustrative]
Photo by: Thinkstock/Imagebank
Talk about a dream come true: A series of jam sessions among friends grows into a full-blown music venue, complete with financial backing, aimed at building a community among the area’s young people who share a desire to participate in music and art. This active participation is what makes The Jam: A Home for Shared Creativity unique.

“We were a bunch of friends who got together to play music in our spare time,” says Koby Davider, 30, a member of the Dror- Israel Movement. For the past seven years he has lived in Acre, in an “Educators’ Kibbutz,” one of the movement’s many urban kibbutzim scattered around Israel.

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