A fourth of some 60,000 membership forms received in Labor’s membership drive came from the Arab and Druse sectors, including many people who had no idea that someone signed them up for the party, Channel 2 reported on Tuesday night.

The report cited several Arab and Druse towns in which the number of new Labor members by far exceeded the number of Labor voters. For instance, in Hura, a Beduin village northeast of Beersheba, there are 136 Labor members but only six people who voted for the party.

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MK Amir Peretz won the drive, signing up more than 20,000 members. The report said that Peretz’s hometown of Sderot had 1,000 new members, more than any city other than Tel Aviv.

Thousands of people who joined Labor in the drive are illegally members of two parties, and some are members of three.

Former Labor chairman Amram Mitzna, who only signed up 8,000 members, criticized the drive, saying that at least 25 percent of it was illegal.

He blamed Peretz for most of the illegalities.

Labor secretary-general Hilik Bar said it was too soon to judge the drive, because more than half of the registration forms had yet to be examined.

He said that former judge Sara Frisch had been appointed to ensure that the drive was clean.

Bar expressed concern that credit card and bank account numbers had been leaked to one of the candidates and to the press. He said the matter would be investigated.