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Akbar model to sideline Islamists
July 28, 2014 17:14
The current Indian government should use the model of King Akbar to curb radical Islamists in India and the region.

A fighter of the ISIS stands guard with his weapon in Mosul. (photo credit:REUTERS)

It is disheartening to learn that India’s Sunni theologian Maulana Salman Nadvi of Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama admires reactionary forces such as the self-appointed caliph and head of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Some time back, Nadvi had greeted al-Badhdadi. Now, Nadvi has asked the Saudi government to prepare an army of five hundred thousand Indian Sunni Muslim youth to join the new caliph led fight against the Shia militias in Iraq and elsewhere.

The Modi dispensation in New Delhi and the state governments concerned must remain vigilant against such fanatic elements in Indian society and take all appropriate measures aimed at neutralizing them as early as possible. History bears out such fanatics within the Indian Muslim community (and various other religious segments) have risen from time to time to destroy the fabric of peace and harmony of this glorious ancient civilization.


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