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Anti-Israel protest

The European Union risks 'Jew-hater' label

The BDS campaign regards the ending of all trade and economic relations with Jews living in Judea and Samaria as just the “first step” in its campaign.


A model for resolving clashes between Jewish and liberal values

Israel’s abortion policy is an all-too-rare example of a compromise that gives both sides something important.


Delhi, Beijing must fight terror together

Sino-Indian ties are on firm footing in almost every dimension of diplomacy today.


Russia and Islamic State – time for action

The time has surely come for the civilized world to bite the bullet and take out Islamic State, as well as Russia's ploy for power over Ukraine.

JABER HAMOUD (second left), head of the Druse and Circassian Local Councils Forum, protests in Sajur

Arm the Syrian Druse - we owe it to their Israeli kin

Refusing help would be a slap in the face to Israel’s most loyal non-Jewish citizens.


BDS – sinister hoax with genocidal objective

The BDS campaign is set to swallow many more well-intended people into its Jew-hating vortex.

Dome of the rock

Beating the BDS Jew-haters

A Harvard student expected that a trip to Israel would confirm his reasonable European certainty of Israel’s arrogant oppression; That’s not quite the way things turned out.

herzog abbas

You can’t win a PR war by fighting on the enemy’s side

Israel needs to stop arguing the Palestinians' case and start arguing its own.


Who’s fighting who in the Middle East?

In the ever-shifting kaleidoscope of political, religious, economic, strategic and tactical considerations that mark the Middle East, little is clear-cut in deciding between friend and foe.

Nadav Guedj representing Israel performs during a dress rehearsal

What Israel can learn from the Eurovision song contest

Israeli's PR focus on the peace process highlights the country’s failures rather than its successes; and people dislike failures.


Saudi Arabia’s new broom

In the few short months since he ascended the throne, Salman has shown himself to be a pragmatic man of action in both the domestic and foreign arenas.

An Israeli Arab casts her ballot at a polling station inside a church in the northern town of Reineh

Netanyahu's target wasn’t Israeli Arabs, but foreign-funded NGOs

The prime minister's election day faux pas has been deliberately misconstrued by omitting its second half

Tzipi Hotovely

A golden chance to shift the Foreign Ministry’s priorities

The new deputy minister won’t appeal to Europe, which might spur her to focus on an area long neglected: the non-Western world.


A new high in Sino-Indian ties

The leaderships in New Delhi and Beijing, presently, would do well to concentrate on improving their relations in non-political areas.

Naftali Bennett

Netanyahu deals a setback to the cause of big-tent parties

After religious Zionists handed him victory, he spat in their faces – proving they really do need a party of their own.

The Supreme Court

Using a straw man to attack Supreme Court reforms

Likud’s proposed bills wouldn’t harm judicial independence, only the court’s excess powers.

House of Commons London.

Britain’s General Election and Israel-Palestine

Britain’s future Middle East policy hovers in the balance ahead of elections on May 7.


Pakistan in the Middle East

Pakistan has played a pivotal role in determining the outcome of the current crisis in Yemen.


Israeli Arabs press their MKs to focus more on domestic issues

That’s the message from JAL’s decision to skip an Arab League meeting. And it’s good news for Israel.

egyptian copts isis

Egypt’s fight against terror

A look into what Egypt is doing to stop the swarm of terror attacks in the country.


Saving Democracy from Itself

If universities are increasingly dominated by an Islamist agenda, and they are where our democracy’s future is trained, what sort of future awaits us?


The sorry state of Yemen

It is not easy to keep pace with the shifting kaleidoscope of alliances and alienations, or the reasons behind them, but if any one area is a microcosm of the whole, it is Yemen.

Iran nuclear talks

Upgrading Israeli nuclear deterrence; Core consequences of P5+1 agreement with Iran

Current instabilities in the Middle East will generate compelling reasons for Israel to re-examine its traditional posture of nuclear ambiguity.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s right to exist will not be dictated by foreign nations

Israel’s right to exist is the right of the Jewish people - and does not require America, Iran or anyone else to give approval on that right.

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