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Cut the Palestinian Authority off
February 18, 2014 12:45
For far too long, Palestinian leaders have acted with impunity, poisoning their people with a deep hatred for Israel and the Jewish people.
PA President Mahmoud Abbas (C) welcomes Palestinian prisoners released in Ramallah.

Abbas with released prisoners in Ramallah 370. (photo credit:REUTERS/Ammar Awad )

Since the mid-1990’s, when limited Palestinian autonomy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip was established pursuant to various Israel-PLO agreements inked during the Oslo process, the United States has provided the Palestinian Authority (PA) with approximately $5 billion in bilateral aid. Under US President Barack Obama's leadership, that aid has averaged $500 million per annum.

Initially, Congress authorized this aid to secure key US national interests; namely, preventing terrorism against Israel, promoting self-governance in the West Bank that encourages the PA toward peaceful coexistence with Israel under a “two-state solution,” and meeting basic humanitarian needs.


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