The West and Iran - A muddle and a mistake

n a twinkling of an eye Iran has been transformed from a sponsor of terror around the world to America’s ally and the West’s new best friend.

Iran nuclear talks at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, November 24, 2013.
Photo by: REUTERS
On June 16 Britain’s foreign secretary, William Hague, announced that diplomatic relations between the UK and Iran are to be restored.  The British embassy in Tehran and the Iranian embassy in London are to be re-opened, initially on something less than ambassadorial level.

It was in November 2011 that the Majlis, Iran’s parliament, voted amid cries of “Death to England”, to sever ties with London. Afterwards, hundreds of protesters stormed the British embassy compound and looted the residence. UK ambassador Dominick Chilcott, and his family were evacuated at some speed.

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