The war no-one wanted

No one wants a conflagration. Neither did anyone want the Assad regime to use chemical weapons. But it did – the conflagration is upon us.

Forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar Assad walk towards the front line.
Photo by: REUTERS
No one wants war. No one wants to go out on the battlefield, or organize the rear command, or sit in a bomb shelter with a gas mask on at a time when there's a holiday to be celebrated – a new year to bring in with all its well-wishes. But war is here. It has been here for two and a half years. It is not our war. But it is on our doorstep.

This war that is not ours has threatened us more than once – and each time the defense establishment took action. Now this war has presented humanity with a horrifying precedent and an infinitely difficult dilemma: whether enough callous wickedness been exhibited for the world to get involved – whether the insanity that has been exposed poses an escalated danger to innocent civilians not only in Syria but in the rest of the world.

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