Why are jihadists insulting Islam?

June 23, 2013 14:44

An eminent Islamic scholar stresses that the ideology of violence articulated by various self-styled radical Islamists and terrorist groups is a crass misinterpretation of the Koran.

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Islamic Jihad militants launch rocket in Gaza

Islamic Jihad Militants launch rocket in Gaza 521. (photo credit:Reuters / Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)

Like it or not, US President Barack H Obama has one thing in common with most of the politicians in the Oriental world: hoodwinking the  minorities into believing that he cares for them. As part of this game, Obama has of late invented several ways to hobnob with some influential Muslims at home on different occasions. The reality is absolutely shocking. Washington’s recent policies in the Middle East have resulted in the establishment of sectarian regimes that are not at all inclined to serve their minorities. The current popular protest against the new dispensation in Cairo will suffice to prove this point.

Washington has also continued damaging the interests of the minorities through some of its ‘best’ allies in the Middle East. All these ‘US-friendly’ regimes, old and new, are adhering to  the theology of  Wahabism, a doctrine that rejects any progress after the third Islamic century. It declares all non-Muslims kafirs (unbelievers) and non-Wahabism Muslims, such as Shias, Sufis and Ahmadiyas apostates. The Wahhabi Imams urge the faithful to utter prayers against the Kafirs: Jews, Christians, Hindus and other non-Muslims. One of its prayers goes “ Ante mawlana, fanSurna ‘ Alal Qawmil Kafiryun.” (O Allah you are our Protector, give us victory over the Kuffar.) Wahhabism  has no respect for women’s rights and liberties. 


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