In Jerusalem

Dining out: An urban oasis

Stanley Lipschitz calls his Café Forte “A secret garden in a big ugly building.”

Café Forte
Photo by: Courtesy
Stanley Lipschitz, a South African immigrant, has 25 years of experience in the restaurant business, yet this is his first time running a dairy restaurant. He calls his Café Forte, a dairy restaurant located on the ground floor of the Clal Center, “the secret garden in the big ugly building,” and adds that “people are amazed because it is like an oasis: quiet, modest and beautifully appointed.”

Lipschitz was approached by his old friend Wayne Hilsden, who was interested in having him run the restaurant for him. Hilsden, one of the co-founders of Jerusalem’s Evangelical community, has taken upon himself the task of improving and reviving the Clal Center. Café Forte, which is kosher under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate, reopened under Lipschitz’s management in September 2013.

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