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Overcoming horror
April 3, 2014 10:14
Child victims of sexual abuse receive innovative and compassionate care at Jerusalem’s Beit Lynn Child Protection Center.
The examination room is bright and warm.

The examination room is bright and warm.. (photo credit:SHMUEL BAR-AM)

Not long ago, a nine-year-old girl returned home from her Jerusalem school in a state of shock. She had been standing on the sidewalk near the school, when a kindly older man asked if he could help her cross the street. Together, hand in hand, they crossed – but once they were on the other side the man told the girl that he had something to show her. He then led her into an empty basement and pulled down his pants.

When she got home, between sobs, the child told her father what had happened. He ran to the school, and looked frantically for the pedophile who had abused his daughter. Unsuccessful, but unwilling to take his child to the police station, he called a kindergarten teacher friend for advice. She referred him to the Beit Lynn Child Protection Center, where the multidisciplinary staff held a quick consultation, then immediately invited the family.


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