From Ramot woods to Hollywood

Taking a tour of the Media Center for preschoolers.

June 15, 2017 16:59
Israel Media Center for preschoolers

Recording a story in the studio. Gan Hova preschoolers participate in day-long programs exposing them to photography, radio, ads, production of a book and video clips. (photo credit: THE MEDIA CENTER)

Located on a quiet road in the wooded part of Ramot Bet, the yard of the Media Center resembles those of other Jerusalem preschools. Upon closer inspection, one notices that in addition to standard equipment, there is an old-fashioned photo camera on a stand, a zoetrope, and a praxinoscope – the latter two are obsolete animation devices giving illusions of motion.

“Things are not what they seem” in this yard. This is one of the important messages of the “Magic of Photography” (Kismei Tzilum) program, one of three developed by Ayala Chimilevski, the director of the Media Center and one of its founders.


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