Geula of all trades

After working her way through medical school with some help from a surprising source, Dr. Geula Batsir, a pioneer in holistic medicine, has for 44 years been helping others

November 29, 2017 17:35
Dr. Geula Batsir in her clinic

Dr. Geula Batsir in her clinic. (photo credit: GEULA BATSIR)

A cleaning lady, the first Yemenite female student to be accepted to Hadassah Medical School, a farmer, tour guide, mother, sister, grandmother, medical clown, family physician, practitioner of various holistic medicines, high school math and physics teacher and a lecturer at Ben-Gurion University Medical School are some of the things that Dr. Geula Batsir has been in her 68 years. And after meeting her, I have a feeling she’s only just begun.

“In 1926, my parents decided to come to their beloved Zion,” she relates. “They made the long and dangerous journey by foot and camel across the desert, until they got to Alexandria, and from there, by boat, to Palestine, eventually settling in Netanya. There, over the years, my mother gave birth to 11 babies, all at home because she didn’t trust conventional medicine. The neighborhood midwife helped get her though all 11; I was No. 9.”


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