Into the deep

April 20, 2017 20:26

Artist Mindy Weisel’s paintings, influenced by her parents’ experiences during the Shoah, reveal layers of love and beauty.

Mindy Weisel

Mindy Weisel. (photo credit: ELIE POSNER)

Mindy Weisel talks to her paintings the way a mother might coax her timid child, urging them to come forth, emerge from the canvas and show themselves. The 70-year-old Weisel paints with her soul and explores her family’s story – as well as the emotions that permeate it – with fearless devotion. The story is a remarkable one.

Born in Bergen-Belsen, Germany, in 1947, which at that time was a displaced persons’ camp, Weisel was one of the first group of children born after the Holocaust. Her mother and father were cousins who both survived Auschwitz, found each other alive and got married.


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