Israel's most important issues are sometimes ignored

September 5, 2017 13:19

Israel faces a whole host of burning issues that demand the full and immediate attention of the prime minister and his cabinet.

Israel's most important issues are sometimes ignored

Simone Veil avec Golda Meir, en 1975. (photo credit: GPO)

On September 28, 1973, a band of Palestinian terrorists belonging to as-Sa’iqa took a group of Jews hostage on a train at the border of Czechoslovakia and Austria. As-Sa’iqa was a terrorist organization created and controlled by then Syrian president Hafez Assad. The Jews were Russian, heading for the Schoenau transit center in Austria, a former castle run by the Jewish Agency and assigned by the Austrian government as a transit camp for Russian Jews emigrating to Israel and the West. The hostages included a three-year-old child, a 73-year-old man and an ailing woman.

The terrorists’ ultimatum: Close the Schoenau camp or we will execute the hostages. Austria’s chancellor, Bruno Kreisky, acceded to the terrorists’ demands and announced he would close the camp. Kreisky, a socialist, was overtly antisemitic, apologetic toward former Nazis and had four of them in his cabinet.


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