Not just another school

August 15, 2017 05:01

Jerusalem’s School for Classical Eastern Music serves as a bridge between cultures.

Not just another school

The School for Classical Eastern Music’s last concert before the summer break. (photo credit:MORDECHAI BECK)

HA’AYIN CHET is a narrow, leafy road in Jerusalem’s Musrara district. Located near the Old City and part of a renewed area, it has attracted pious Jews, Yuppies and a few artsy institutions. A visitor passing through this road recently could have heard the exotic sounds of the sitar; the jingle of a kanoon; the strident sounds of the oud struck by a hard plastic plectrum; a ney flute; a variety of folk drums; a kamanche; the sinuous phrases of a violin; and the wafting voices of singing men and women cutting through the night air.

These sounds all belong to one of Jerusalem’s hidden treasures – the School for Classical Eastern Music, a place where all the magic of Middle Eastern music is conjured up in the subterranean world that thrives beneath the holy city’s tense surface.


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