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A fury of violence
July 8, 2014 13:48
As turmoil accompanies the killing of three Israeli teenagers and a Palestinian youth, the Palestinian Authority is losing its credibility in the West Bank.

Palestinians riot in Shuafat, an Arab suburb in northeastern Jerusalem, July 2, following the discovery of the body of a missing Palestinian youth suspected to have been killed by Israelis avenging the deaths of three abducted Jewish teens. (photo credit:AMMAR AWAD / REUTERS)

In the pre-dawn hours of June 22 during an Israel army raid in the heart of the West Bank city of Ramallah, the seat of the Palestinian Authority (PA), military jeeps were seen parked outside the main PA police station as Israeli soldiers conducted arrests and raided several institutions.

Palestinian officers helplessly peered out the station’s windows and as soon as the army jeeps sped away, dozens of Palestinian youths who had gathered in the streets and hurled rocks at the soldiers turned their anger toward the police station. They hurled a volley of stones while chanting “collaborators,” damaging three police cars parked outside.


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