The French Intifada: The Long War between France and its Arabs

British historian Andrew Hussey delves deep into the tinderbox relationship between France and its large Arab minority

April 29, 2014 13:43

Young residents of Villiers-le-Bel, a northern Paris suburb, vandalize an abandoned police car during clashes, November 26, 2007, the second night of street violence after two local teens were killed in a crash with a police patrol car. (photo credit: ALEXANDRE GUY / ABACA PRESS / MCT)

THE REGULAR fl are-ups o f violence i n many Arab-inhabited banlieues (suburbs) around major French cities are only the latest chapter in a two century-long conflict between France and the peoples of its former North African possessions of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, according to a new book by British historian and journalist Andrew Hussey.

According to Hussey’s “The French Intifada,” there is a running guerrilla war between Muslim Arab (and sub-Saharan black African) youths and the police, which, in the eyes of the youths, “is only the latest and most dramatic form of engagement with ‘the enemy.”


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