Already a performer, writer, educator and Bibliyogi, Marcus J. Freed founded Bibliyoga and is himself a yoga guru in the making. Marcus possesses degrees from the Universities of Birmingham and London, has studied with great Talmudic masters such as Rabbis Chaim Brovender, Dovid Ebner and Shlomo Riskin, Yoga Guru Edward Clark, and is truly a wealth of knowledge.

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"In any one movement within Yoga, there's just one breath, one thought, and one physical movement. Yoga is a process of 'echad,' of being one and eternally still," Freed says in this exclusive video.

Bibliyoga is a unique spiritual medium that combines the study of biblical text with the tradition of physical meditation through postures that have been handed down from teacher to pupil for over 5000 years.

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"Lets go back to the 2nd century for all intensive purposes, we're going to relearn yoga with Hebrew wisdom and run with it, so I teach the Kosher Sutras," he says. Kosher Sutra is a verse of pasuk, a few words, which are from the Jewish literature and every class is themed around one of them."