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Anne Frank revisited

June 12, 2014 12:31

On the 85th anniversary of her birth, a new play seeks to recreate the life of one of the world’s most tragic Holocaust victims.

Ro Sa de Silva

Actress Ro Sa de Silva plays the part of Anne Frank in the new play ‘Anne'.. (photo credit:KURT VAN DER ELST)

It is not very often that a theater is built in order to house one specific production, but that is exactly what happened recently in Holland – when the Theater Amsterdam was created for the new dramatization of The Diary of Anne Frank, titled simply Anne.

The story of Anne Frank is so well-known, selling millions of copies in innumerable languages, dramatized on world stages and made into a prize-winning movie, that there would not seem to be any need to present it yet again – much less build a new theater for it. Thus, when I was recently in New York, I was intrigued to read that this totally new play was about to be produced in Amsterdam.


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