From Gaza to Europe – in 24 hours

Coverage of the escalation of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip caused a frenzy among news outlets on the continent.

Photo by: REUTERS
‘The Channel 10 [news] drone is sending back images of men in Gaza putting cylinders in the ground and running away, seeking cover behind bushes or olive trees,” Amelia Heyer of Der Spiegel reported from Tel Aviv last week, as rockets were launched at the South from the Gaza Strip. Instead of relying on coverage from news agencies like Reuters and AFP, European press coverage of the escalation in violence from the Strip was surprisingly varied.

The news outlets – including the German Deutsche Welle, the French Libération and the Spanish El País – battled on many fronts, the first of which was who could report how many rockets were fired – but in the most confusing sequence as possible – 30, 50, 60 or 100? Reuters picked up the first Army Radio announcement with its report that more than 25 rockets had been fired. Yet reports began to conflict as El País reported a staggering 100 rockets, and nine minutes later, Libération had the number at 50.

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