From journalist to hero

Judie Oron navigates the dangerous terrain of post-revolutionary Ethiopia to rescue lost Jews from starvation, slavery and even death.

March 28, 2013 13:47
Typical Ethiopian family

Typical Ethiopian family. (photo credit: Louis Rapoport)

Boasting a newly crowned Miss Israel, an ambassador in Addis Ababa, and its first female MK, the Ethiopian-Israeli community has recently celebrated a series of firsts. But in 1985, when Judie Oron arrived home from work one afternoon and her two sons greeted her excitedly with the news that they wanted to play with some black kids at the nearby absorption center, she was initially surprised.

“We were living in the Castel, and my kids started screaming at me, ‘We’ve been waiting for you because there are these black people playing soccer at the absorption center in Mevaseret and we want you to take us there so we can play with them,’” relates the Montreal born Oron, who now lives in Toronto.


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