Six candles at Madrid senate

Holocaust survivor commemerates the six million lost

Sephardi Isaac Revah, a Bergen Belsen survivor, lit a candle in the Spanish Senate in Madrid on January 27 in memory of “those murdered in ghettos, persecutions and concentrations camps.” For the third year, the Senate commemorated International Holocaust Remembrance Day, paying homage to Jews, gypsies and other minorities who suffered during the Holocaust. Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, Senate President Pío García Escudero, President of the Romany Union Juan de Dios Ramírez, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain Isaac Querub and Culture and Education and Sport Minister José Ignacio Wert participated in the act, promoted by Centro Sefarad-Israel, that included musical interludes and the now-traditional lighting of six candles in memory of the six million. 

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