The Zionist Left’s conditional love

If the Israeli intelligentsia is ever to regain credibility among the public, it must stop treating large swathes of that public as non-people who don’t even deserve to be considered part of Israel.

July 4, 2011 15:33
The Jerusalem Post

Camp David 311. (photo credit: Bloomberg)

In last week’s column, I discussed a key reason for the growing disrepute of Israeli intellectuals: that so many openly strive to undermine the Zionist project. This, I noted, has tarred even their pro-Zionist colleagues, due to the latter’s strident defense of the anti-Zionists. But another factor has also badly damaged the credibility of Zionist intellectuals: that their support for the Jewish state too often seems to conditional on its adoption of their policies.

The disrepute of Israeli intellectuals


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