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This Week in History: Four hanged in secret at Acre
April 17, 2014 16:16
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Four hanged in secret in Acre

Four hanged in secret in Acre. (photo credit:ARCHIVE)


On April 16, 1947, during the British Mandate of Palestine, Irgun members Dov Gruener, Dov Rosenbaum, Eliezer Kashani and Mordechai Alkoshi became the first Jews to be executed for crimes with political backgrounds since the hanging of Shlomo Ben Yossef in 1938. Gruener (33) was convicted of discharging firearms at a police station and personnel within it, and with the laying and throwing of bombs, in an Irgun attack on Ramat Gan Police Station. Rosenbaum (24), Kashani (23) and Alkoshi (21) were sentenced to death for carrying firearms and raw-hide whips on December 29, the night a British Army Officer and three non-commissioned officer were flogged by terrorists. A month later, on May 4, 1947, 251 prisoners escaped from Acre jail in a massive prison break, including 131 Arabs and 120 Jews. 


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