What’s happening on the other side?

Artists Aithan Shapira and David Borrington set out to help others reflect on the meaning of walls.

Aithan Shapira (right) and British artist David Borrington.
Photo by: Three Faiths Forum
Walls are all around us, in different shapes and forms, but it’s not often that we stop and think about their meaning. Israeli-American artist Aithan Shapira and British artist David Borrington set out to do just that with a collaborative piece, The Wall Has Two Sides, displayed in central London last month at an art exhibition put on by the Three Faiths Forum (3FF).

The exhibition, “Urban Dialogues,” is running for the fifth consecutive year and aims to raise questions about the interplay between art, belief and identity, in keeping with the British organization’s mission to build understanding and relationships between people of different faiths and beliefs.

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