When they coined the term ‘safe sex,’ they may not have been referring to a bomb shelter

In her second appearance in Tel Aviv, Dr. Ruth expounds on healthy sexual attitudes and loving relationships – providing a dose of comic respite from rocket fire.

July 24, 2014 15:15
sexual attitudes

Dr.Ruth expounds her knowledge on the crowd while ‘Jerusalem Post’ reporter Lahav Harkov (center) and Tel Aviv Internationals Salon Founder Jay Schultz moderate the event.. (photo credit: STEVEN WINSTON)

Video by Jenny Tintner

It’s common knowledge that sex sells, and the turnout at a talk given by 86-year-old celebrity sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer last week, despite the threat of Hamas rockets falling on Tel Aviv, was testament to that. The event, put on by the Tel Aviv International Salon, was held in a secure room at Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv port, meaning that in the case of a siren, the 650 audience members could stay put. Though no sirens interrupted that evening, rockets were clearly still on peoples’ minds, and one person asked in jest what the best sex position for a bomb shelter would be. In response, the pint-sized therapist – a Holocaust survivor and former Hagana fighter who now lives in the US – queried in her distinct German accent how likely it would be that one could get aroused with the sirens blaring. She said, however, “If you can, and you have a private safe room – have a great time!” Another member of the audience drew a chuckle from the crowd with his claim that he had found the key to peace in the Middle East: “Perhaps if Hamas focused on getting laid now rather than after death, there would be peace,” he suggested. A more serious query was put forward by a Jew who is dating an Arab, and said that the political and security situation was putting a strain on their relationship. As the questions were submitted anonymously on index cards and read out by the moderators – The Jerusalem Post reporter Lahav Harkov and Salon founder Jay Schultz – Dr.


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