Hollywood, hypocrisy and Halacha

November 22, 2017 19:17

This is essentially a good thing.

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Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski

Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski. (photo credit: AFP PHOTO)

‘Jews in the news” is a game we all love to play, identifying celebs who are members of the tribe, smugly allowing us to proclaim, under our breaths, “Look, Zaydie, we made it!” But sometimes, the mention of those very same Jewish names makes us cringe, when it turns out that they are associated with scandal and seedy behavior. Then, heimishe handles like Weinstein, Ratner, Hoffman, Dreyfuss and Franken only bring dishonor and embarrassment to our people.

The revelation that Harvey Weinstein allegedly sexually harassed, molested and raped numerous women over a period of decades has opened a floodgate of accusations and admissions of guilt, tarnishing the names and toppling the careers of numerous personalities in show business, the political world and beyond.


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