Kurdish flavors

Vegetables and herbs play central roles in almost every aspect of the Kurdish menu.

January 6, 2016 15:16
Kurdish food

Rolled feta cheese burekas, kibbeh, falafel and zucchini-carrot patties with yogurt sauce.. (photo credit: YAKIR LEVY)

When we were invited to dine at the Niroj Kurdish Cuisine restaurant near Los Angeles, we looked forward to indulging in some of our favorite Middle Eastern specialties, but we got much more – a fascinating discussion about the culture and cooking of the Kurdish people.

Luqman Barwari, the chef-owner of the restaurant, spoke passionately about his culinary heritage. Born in Mosul, he grew up on Iraqi-Kurdish cooking, but he emphasized that Kurdish food varies according to where Kurds live. Kurds from Iran cook in a style that is different from that of the Kurds from Turkey, Syria and Iraq, which were part of the Ottoman Empire.


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