Making Orthodoxy sexy again

The people who are stepping out of the shtetl.

June 18, 2015 13:45
Bulletproof Stockings

American Hassidic alternative rock band, Bulletproof Stockings founders Perl Wolfe (left) and Dalia Shusterman.. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Malka Schaps lives on “the frummest [most religiously observant] street in Bnei Brak,” as she says. She and her husband made aliya in 1972 from America and are now both fluent in Hebrew. She keeps a kosher home and follows the commandments, because as she told Tablet Magazine in a profile last year, for her Judaism is only interesting if there’s some mitzvot attached to it.

But Schaps is not what you think an ultra-Orthodox woman might be – a wallflower, in the kitchen, constantly pregnant or otherwise muzzled by the men in her community.


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