More than meets the eye

Aiming to protect their customers through every stage of life, sisters Sigal Bar-On and Nurit Harel of Fischer Pharmaceuticals uphold the company’s passion for philanthropy and social responsibility.

July 15, 2015 11:37
Fischer Pharmaceuticals

(Left) Nurit Harel and Sigal Bar-On, the daughters of Dr. Eli Fischer and current CEO’s of Fischer pharmaceuticals.. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Like many Israelis, I am a fan of the beach. The rhythmic sounds of matkot balls bouncing from paddle to paddle, waves crashing against the sand, and basking in the sun are intoxicating.

But like most things in life, all this fun in the sun comes with a price: at best, excessive sun exposure can make your skin look like a piece of burnt toast, and at worst, it can increase your risk of skin cancer.


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